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Best Baby Toys on Amazon

In this article we listed some best baby toys for your child......

When children play with baby toys, they learn by touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, and moving objects. Every day, new things come up Sports also help them to learn their social skills, language skills and more.

Best baby toys

Why Baby toys is important for kids/baby?

The game is very important! When your child plays, Helps her/him learn about her world and her/him people. Develop your thinking, find solutions to problems and discipline Helps in learning, His body is strong Learns to control himself Encourages them to understand, listen and speak, Feel the closeness of others and make friends Use your imagination and creativity And Have fun.

Baby toys

A game of pretending When children imitate an animal, a teacher, a store clerk, or a parent Is called a fictional game. Imagination is a child's play with baby toys, a way of solving problems Helps them improve their language skills Helps to remember events and understand other people. Everyday activities like shopping and bathing in a fantasy game Can be added. Your child has items lying in the house and things lying outside the house Can create its own fantasy game with the help of

Some Examples

Educated children through play Some examples Uni is 11 months old. His mother has been singing one of her favorite songs of her homeland. Uni enjoys singing on her feet and making sounds on different levels Is. His mother would take him in her arms and they would sing together Are and dance. Uni learns to recognize different levels. They belong to Sartal Can control your body movements accordingly. When he plays his mother Feels close to

Best baby toys

Mariya is 18 months old. She was playing with different sized plastic cups Is. She puts a ball in the biggest bowl and moves the bowl Sees bouncing She pours it into a small bowl and See how it is bouncing differently. After that, the cups Builds a tower on top of each other. From them when they fall She is very happy with the sound produced. That is to establish balance in your body And learns to predict and experiment. When they make enough noise When she is able, she feels powerful.

Roberto is three years old. He is putting the toy cars in a row Race Size is one and he is arranging them according to his purpose (e.g. Cars, trucks, police and ambulances (his brother gives him a big bang. Roberto Changes the line to form a train, the largest car Puts forward Her brother shows her the front wheels of another car How to make a "train" by placing it on the first car. Roberto his game Adapting, problem solving, new ways to describe your tasks By learning the words we are learning about different categories. Those others Is also learning to accept and use ideas.

Best baby toys

Take care

To play, children need, A sense of security, safety and love Play with your child. Sit on the floor so your baby can see your face. "Multiply! Talk to them about what they are doing. Example You hit the ball. " Lots of time and space Minimize distractions. Turn off the TV and your cell phone Leave it If you have a small child, be aware that Let them reach the baby toys on their stomachs and move their body freely It takes time to move. Don't let noise get in the way of the game.

Things to play with See what your child likes to play with and play with Add a few more things to add. Only a few at a time Take out the toys so that the children do not get out of control and save a few toys Doctor Keep them and bring them to the fore when children have difficulty waiting e.g. In the office, or when you're cooking dinner.

Play with Kids

Cheap home games Play pots and pans. Arrange the bowls or boxes on top of each other. Different Make sorting games with household items. Take out a cup of water and pour things. Sponge, soap and detergent Add items to Using a spoon, touch different objects and create from them Listen to the voice. Dress with your own clothes or with the clothes of an older brother or sister Play the game of wearing. Pre-cut fruits or vegetables Prepare food together. Example Rub solid, bakery items, etc. Clean together with a damp cloth and a dry towel.  "Warm" means close. Hide objects and give clues to find. Example "Cool" means you're away.

 Use cushions (mattresses) and blankets to build the fort Add toys or dolls. Play some imaginary games: go shopping, go somewhere, go on a trip Go to, Emergency / Fire. Take out or make books or cards. Make the cardboard box a train, a house to park the toy car Build a garage. Sing along with acting and dancing.

Some Best baby toys

There is some best baby toys images click your childs's favorite toy and buy it from amazon. The price is $25 to $50.


Best baby toys


Best baby toys


Best baby toys


Best baby toys


Best baby toys


Best baby toys


Best baby toys


Best baby toys


Best baby toys


Best baby toys

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